Benefits of sugaring in the winter

To sugar or not to sugar….That is the question! Winter time for many people is a break from the patriarchal demands on women’s bodies for hair removal. There are a ton of memes on twitter and Instagram dedicated to this concept of #winterlegs. The inside joke states that women let their natural fur grow since their body won’t be exposed. That the only purpose for winter hair removal is to meet some arbitrary standards of societal mores. But, what If I told you that there is actually a skincare benefit to hair removal year round? And, it has nothing to do with the male gaze!

For over 25 years Alexandria Professional has dedicated its existence to creating a fundamental skin lifestyle. With sugaring at its core, this fundamental lifestyle goes above and beyond hair removal in order to bring you back to the perfection of the skin you were born with. Besides hair removal, the sugaring aspect of this full circle of skin conditioning program works towards improving skin texture and effectively addressing the symptoms of many common ailments. So, how can sugaring help you this winter?

Check out our top 4 reasons to sugar year round!

Winter Hair Removal: Gentle exfoliation

Alexandria Professional uses only natural, resin-free sugar paste. The formulation used only adheres to dead skin cells. In addition to removing any unwanted hair, the sugar paste sticks to and removes any dead skin sitting on the surface. It does this without using any type of abrasive technique. Just a simple molding on of the paste and then a skilled removal. Because of this method, the sugar paste is just as effective at evenly exfoliating the skin as a chemical exfoliant would be. But, it does so without the possibility of causing skin sensitivity like many chemical exfoliants on the market today.  And, since it is not hot, nor does it contain resins, there is no risk of burning or tearing the skin!

Winter Hair Removal: Deeply penetrates the hair follicle

Remember the molding process we mentioned? Well, that process has a purpose! When a sugarist molds the sugar onto the skin, it allows the paste to deeply penetrate into the follicle and grab the hair at its base. The hair is then able to gently slide it out. That’s not all it grabs, though! Whether removing hair or not, the paste also grabs any other debris that might be clogging up your skin. So, besides the gentle, yet efficient surface exfoliation, sugaring deeply penetrates the skin without irritation or contraindication!

Winter Hair Removal: Safe for use on various skin conditions

Women with varicose veins, dry-itch eczema or diabetes can get regular sugaring treatments. The sugar is used just above room temperature and doesn’t ‘lift’ or damage the skin, so varicose veins and diabetes contraindications are virtually non-existent.  In terms of eczema, sugaring will remove flaking skin without aggravating any flare ups or disturb the moisture barrier.  All of this can provide relief from dry winter skin on practically any skin condition.

Winter Hair Removal: Allows skin products to be more effective

When skin isn’t exfoliated, dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin. This creates a barrier of sorts. This barrier prohibits skin care products from effectively penetrating or doing what they are supposed to do. Moisturizers aren’t able to effectively moisturize thru this barrier and serums aren’t able to fully deliver their potent ingredients thru this barrier. Makeup tends to cling to the dead skin cells leaving a patchy look instead of the flawless one you are looking for. Exfoliating effectively eliminates these issues.

For an even more inclusive skin lifestyle experience year round, incorporate the rest of the Full Circle of Skin Conditioning program. Get the moisture and delicate exfoliation you need between treatments all while getting the most of all the skin products you use!

Want to learn more about skin health and how sugaring plays a role in that? Check out our Sweet Talk video series!


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