Modern manscaping

Male grooming and fashion have been at the forefront of masculinity discussions for what seems millennia. I can’t tell you how many times over the last 20+ years I’ve heard “I would never get my brows groomed,” or, “only chick’s [all sexist phrasing aside] get their nails done.” In the late 80’s/ early 90’s though, things changed. Men (in the media, anyway) started wearing make-up! Thanks to 80’s glam, eyeliner and mascara were A MUST amongst fashion aficionados, followed by 90’s goth/grunge. Unfortunately, though, except in many major cities, this trend slowly vanished…to be slowly replaced with manscaping!

Manscaping Then…

Until 2003, men were stuck adhering to magazines like GQ or Playboy for their lifestyle inspiration. Things like eyebrow shaping, manicures and moisturizer were reserved for uber secret grooming sessions in the privacy of their own bathrooms, lest they are emasculated by their peers. Then, like beautiful, shiny and outlandish gods from above, the Fab Five graced all of our DVR’s with the elegance to transform any man into a stylishly coiffed gentleman. Thanks to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, men from Wisconsin to Seattle, Buffalo to Tampa, and every other state in the US were finally seeing the confidence boost a little grooming can give!

Manscaping Now…

Fast forward 13 years, and male lifestyle is EVERYWHERE! There is such a demand for men’s lifestyle information that there are entire media agencies dedicated to men’s lifestyle. They cover everything from fashion and grooming to business, home decor, and self-confidence. Their content is so widely viewed that they are giving beauty bloggers a run for their money!

Manscaping Forever!

In 2016, it would be absurd to ignore this demographic as a client. But we here at AP fully understand that it can sometimes be a challenge to shift focus in such a way that brings in male clients. So, in honor of Father’s Day, we are dedicating the month of June to the male client! To kick off this Manly Month, check out our Sweet Talk webisode airing next week. We’ll be delving deep into the art of Manscaping!

Each week thereafter, we will have an informative blog post to help YOU get that new male client in the door and coming back for more!

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