Success Stories

Kayla Lockard’s story

About a month after finding out I was pregnant I broke out with rosacea on my face. I was very self-conscious about it because I had beautiful skin before. Now here I was with a bright red blotchy face. My doctor told me to just use a gentle cleanser and that should help.

I decided to use the mud puddle and phenomen-all instead because I knew what great products they were and what they have done for other people with skin problems! My before picture was taken a month ago and my after was taken this morning! I am so happy with how my faces look I’m no longer hiding it with makeup! I can’t wait to see what my face will look like in the next couple of months!

Kayla BeforeKayla After

Jeffery’s story

We love the product! One of the reasons our students attend this school is because of the Alexandria Professional™ Body Sugaring name. We have tried other brands in the past, but their paste is not consistent. The education that we have received from Alexandria Professional™ is superb. Clients love it, once they become sugared, they will not go back. Students love it as well. Some of our students have attended the National Congress of Esthetics and have tried other things, but they always go back to Alexandria Professional™. We still have Estheticians calling in to find out how to become certified.

– Jeffery, Director of Education, Austin, TX

Nikki’s story

I first got psoriasis when I was in high school. It started on my scalp. I did see a dermatologist for a bit but none of the meds seemed to work, then it cleared up on its own. The psoriasis came back when I was 21 and then I started having pain in my feet and had trouble walking. I was seeing my regular doctor and a podiatrist but nobody knew what was going on. I would receive cortisone injections in my feet that would only last about 6 hours. Then the pain would come right back. Eventually, I was unable to walk at all or put any pressure whatsoever on my feet. Finally, during another visit to the ER, the physician on duty noticed a patch of psoriasis on my arm. He asked how long I had it and I told him about when I got it in high school and when it came back. He left to go do some research and told me that he believed I had psoriatic arthritis. Anyone who has psoriasis is a risk for psoriatic arthritis. I started seeing a rheumatologist who prescribed me medications that were supposed to help both the psoriasis and the arthritis. While the medications helped my arthritis they didn’t really touch the psoriasis. I tried several different creams, soaps like T-Gel and Selsun Blue but nothing worked. Even the topical treatments provided by my doctors didn’t fully clear the psoriasis.

My hair stylist Nikki Baio recommended sugaring to me after she started training to be a sugaring specialist. She did a ton of research on the benefits of sugaring when it comes to psoriasis. I wasn’t sure about it at first because I’ve never tried anything like it. But after a few months of talking about it I decided to give it a shot. She did my arm first just to test it out and I was completely blown away by the results. I purchased the Essential Tonic, Restore Lotion, Mud Puddle and Phenomen-all from Alexandria and began using all but the Mud Puddle every day and using the Mud Puddle once a week.

I love the fact that there are no chemicals in these products. The psoriasis hasn’t come back since my treatments and I can’t remember the last time my skin was so clear. I’m so glad I decided to try the sugaring and Alexandria products and I will continue to buy them.

Sarah Murphy’s story

I absolutely love sugaring with Alexandria Sugar! Sugar has changed my life in so many ways and my clients lives. When I went from waxing my clients to sugaring them it opened a whole new opportunity for me. I can now do Brazilians in under 20 mins and that has increased my income a lot.

By also having all the products available for my clients it has helped them prevent ingrown hairs. This is my good friend amber she wanted to show case how much she loves the sugaring kit!

Sarah’s  story

After suffering from itchy and sometimes painful eczema, I decided it was time to do something to improve the quality of my skin. As someone who loves to wear makeup daily, my flare ups were inconvenient and some days would even cause me to be self conscious and avoid going out if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. That is when Sarah mentioned the skin care products that Alexandria Professional carried. I had no idea they provided products like this, I thought it was just hair removal. BOY WAS I WRONG!! The skin care line is incredible and also vegan (cruelty free) which is extremely important to me since I am a vegetarian and animal rights activist.

I was set up with the Hungarian Wellness Mud, Dermawear Duo Calming and the Phenomen-all. When my eczema started to show its ugly face I used each product daily and after only 2 weeks I was eczema free!! (normally a flare up would last 3-4 weeks if not longer.) The products not only helped heal my skin but during the 2 weeks I had relief. There was no itchy feeling, no pain and no crazy redness!

I continue to use the amazing trio for my eczema flare ups but I have also been introduced to other products like the Restore lotion (I have a bottle at work, in my purse, bathroom, and bedroom) and sweet cheeks as well since it is made of sugar it is just the right amount of exfoliation that my extremely fair skin doesn’t get irritated when I use it.

I have been telling everyone about these products and sharing my story. I really hope that with me sharing it with you more people find out about Alexandria Professional’s skin care line and invest because they are for me, life changing!!!

Before & After

A mans backA mans back after sugaring
After SugaringA persons brow ridge After Sugaring
Before Picture of a person's stomach12 weeks of the persons stomach after sugaring
An image of a mans armsA mans arms after sugaring
An image of a persons face before sugaringA persons face after sugaring
A persons forearm before sugaringA persons forearm after sugaring