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Became an Educator with Alexandria Professional®

Congratulations on deciding to become an AP Educator! Please follow the steps below to help us certify you as an AP Educator. The certification program cost is $750. You will be allowed to pay 3 installments of $250.00 at the beginning of each certification segment

Step 1) Submit a video demoing 6 Steps on a leg.
Simply sugar one full leg including the foot. An AP Corporate Educator will review it to see if your technique is acceptable to commence or if you require some tweaking and practice before approval to register into our Educator Certification Program.

Our Corporate Educator will work with you virtually to help you become approved.

Step 2) Register for the Online Academy Kennedy Theory and Sugar Better courses.
Once your video is approved, you will be required to register and begin the online Kennedy Theory® + Sugar Better courses. You will be required to submit a new video demonstrating your technique on the following body parts. Full legs, full arms, basic bikini, underarms, eyebrows, upper lip, and chin.

Step 3) Next, you will be required to pay $250 for the next segment to becoming certified. You will now have access to the entire Online Certification Course to review at will. This will help to guide you as to the process of teaching each body part required to certify as an AP Practitioner and prepare you to understand the process your future OA students will be using.

Step 4) Submit 2 more videos
After you complete reviewing the Online Academy, you are required to submit one video explaining the Kennedy Theory® as if you were teaching it to a student/class, and one video demoing the “6 steps to Perfect Sugaring®” as if showing to a student/class for the first time.

Step 5) You will receive 4 videos
This next step is to help you sharpen your skills as an educator. You will be issued 3 videos of past students who submitted their sugaring videos to be critiqued.
You are to review each video and offer your feedback, to the Corporate Educator, of what is being sugared correctly and/or incorrectly.
Then, you will receive a 4th video where you are to share your feedback, via video and send back to the Corporate Educator, as though instructing the student to adjust steps incorrectly being performed, or of minor tweaking, and point out what is being correctly performed.

Step 6) You will attend a virtual seminar as the final step to becoming an AP Certified Educator.
Working virtually with the Corporate Educator, these sessions will be groups sessions.
You and all other applicants will go through processes and policies for class training set up, including how to set up a class, class paperwork, class agenda, how to use our teaching PPT, online theory registration, closing a class, Certification Assessment & submission for certification.
These sessions will be recorded and made available for you to review at will.

***You are required to complete each step and submit each video by the set deadlines listed below.

Should you fail to do so, you will be disqualified to continue the program and no refund will be issued for payments made up to that point.


Available positions at Alexandria Professional®.

Nappa Educator

Selecting to work with our North America Partnership Program for Academies (NAPPA) will require more time from you. You will work directly with AP’s NAPPA Director to find and  set up beauty academies including performing school demos.  You will be responsible to create an ongoing strong relation with the schools you bring into the NAPPA Program.

You will have a choice as to how many schools you wish to work with. If you only want to work with 1 school and make it a strong partnership, it is your choice. All that matters to AP is that you enjoy what you are doing with your AP career and that all AP patrons are very pleased to be a part of us too.

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Master Educator

As an ME, you will share your sugaring passion with others through performing classes for Alexandria Professional.

Duties and Responsibilities:

AP certified educator whom performs all required training responsibilities of new AP practitioners.

The Master Educator (ME) requires availability to perform the minimum certification classes and can also be contracted by a PSE, PSE Educator or Alexandria Professional corporate office based on availability of ME.

  • Minimum 6 2-Day Advanced Body Sugaring Certification Course (includes performing Certification Assessment Day within 45 days of class ending)
  • Minimum 4 Full Circle of Skin Conditioning Class
  • Minimum 3 Sugar Better Workshop
  • Minimum 2 Perfect Bikini (LA Bikini) Master Class
  • Minimum 1 Facial Master Class
  • Minimum 1 Perfect Eyebrow Master Class
  • Minimum 1 Speed Sugaring Master Class
  • Minimum 1 AP Full Body Facial Master Class
  • Minimum 1 Sweet’n Plump Facial Workshop 
  • Add-on Product & Chemistry Knowledge to any paid Master Class listed above
  • Must always host class if at least 1 person is registered
  • Attend 1 Certification Educator Conference
  • Attend 1 Master Educator Conference
  • Submit video demoing technique for review once per year
  • Ensure all students purchase the appropriate kit, student information is received at Head Office and all paperwork is signed by both the student and ME.
  • The ME is also committing to perform and complete the Certification Assessment for their students within 45 days of the Certification Class via in-person or video calls and then submitting required documentation for certification in a timely manner when contracted by PSE or PSE Educator.

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Virtual Educator

The AP Educator is responsible for performing the duties and responsibilities as outlined below for the Alexandria Professional Academy.

Virtual Support:

  • AP Master Educator must commit up to 10 hours of virtual support per student enrolled under them on the AP Academy for the Certification Course. This includes but is not limited to email correspondence, private support within the Academy system, reviews of video submissions within the Academy system and video chat sessions.
  • AP Master Educator must commit up to 1 hour of virtual support per student enrolled in the Sugar Better Course. This includes but is not limited to email correspondence, private support within the Academy system, reviews of video submissions within the Academy system and video chat sessions.
  • AP Master Educator must commit up to 2 hours of virtual support per student enrolled in the any Master Class. This includes but is not limited to email correspondence, private support within the Academy system, reviews of video submissions within the Academy system and the student’s live assessment.
  • AP Master Educator should respond to any support request within 2 business days.
  • AP Master Educator must ensure student has purchased additional virtual support if support will go past the allotted hours of the course they are enrolled in.

Reports: AP Master Educator must submit a monthly report no later than the 5th of the month documenting all support offered per each student. Support that takes place outside of the Academy system (email, video chat, etc.) must be screen capped and uploaded into the student folder.

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