Professional products

Are you a beauty professional looking to buy products for your salon? If you are trained and/or certified by another brand and would now like to purchase Alexandria Professional sugar pastes, please click here to view our onboarding policy. Our sugar pastes and professional products are available to certified sugarists and licensed professionals.

Client Info Brochure
Client Info Brochure
Sugar Paste
Sugar Paste 1kg / 35oz
Strip Sugar Paste
Strip Sugar Paste 500mg / 16oz
Kiss Sugar Adjuster®
Kiss Sugar Adjuster® 355ml / 12oz
Kiss Waxing®
Kiss Waxing® 349g / 12oz
Facial Kiss Waxing®
Facial Kiss Waxing® 59ml / 2oz
Full Circle of Skin Conditioning® Brochures
Full Circle of Skin Conditioning® Brochures
Permanent Reduction Cards
Permanent Reduction Cards
Sugared Apron
Sugared Apron Sizes Vary
Sugared T-shirt
Sugared T-shirt Sizes Vary
Wooden Spatulas
Wooden Spatulas 100 sticks per box
Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile Gloves XS / S / M / L
Cavicide® 709ml / 24oz, 3.8l / 1 gallon
Client Record Cards
Client Record Cards N/A
Non-Woven Strips
Non-Woven Strips 9in x 3in
Warmer Insert
Warmer Insert OS
Single Sugar Warmer
Single Sugar Warmer OS
Reference Guide
Reference Guide N/A
Presept™ Cleansing Wipes
Presept™ Cleansing Wipes 100 wipes per cannister
Presept™ Skin Cleanser
Presept™ Skin Cleanser 59ml / 2oz, 473ml / 16oz
Spa Massage Gloves
Spa Massage Gloves OS
Mother’s Day Bouquet
Mother’s Day Bouquet product sizes vary
Holiday Buff + Balm Up™
Holiday Buff + Balm Up™ 7ml / .24oz
Balm Up™
Balm Up™ 7ml / .24oz
Buff Up™
Buff Up™ 7ml / .24oz
PMS4PMS® 28g / 1oz
Hungarian Mud®
Hungarian Mud® 992g / 35oz
Injabulo™ 57g / 2oz, 241g / 8.5oz
Dermawear™ Duos
Dermawear™ Duos 2 x 59ml / 2oz
Saltspring® 113g / 4oz, 680g / 24oz, 992g / 35oz
Phenomen-all® 29ml / 1oz, 59ml / 2oz
“I Love My Skin” Kit
“I Love My Skin” Kit 59g / 57ml / 2oz
Essential Tonic™
Essential Tonic™ 237 ml / 8 oz
Sweet Cheeks®
Sweet Cheeks® 170g / 6oz
Full Circle Travel Kit
Full Circle Travel Kit 4 x 30ml / 1oz
CC’Me® Calming Cream
CC’Me® Calming Cream 59ml / 2oz
Mud Puddle®
Mud Puddle® 113g / 4oz
Vertal 6™ Drying Powder
Vertal 6™ Drying Powder 340g / 12oz
Salt Smoothie®
Salt Smoothie® 225g / 8oz

How it works:

Are you a beauty professional looking to buy products for your salon? Our paste and professional products are available to certified sugarists & licensed beauty pros.

How it Works:

Sign up for a pro account by filling out our online registration form. AP salons may also call 1-800-957-8427 (Monday – Friday,  9-5pm EST) to register by phone.

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