Product Highlight: Balm-Up™/Buff-Up™

Two words: Liquid lipstick! These two words simultaneously bring me jubilation and tears! This year’s hottest lip trend is also the most transparent of lip texture. The ultra matte and velvet matte consistencies leave nothing to the imagination. Every crevice, flake, and roughness you may have on your lips (no matter how insignificant) will stand out like a sore thumb.
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In all honesty, I don’t drink nearly enough water to combat the summer heat combined with the drying texture of liquid lipsticks, so I regularly depend on AP’s lip care power products to get me through.

Balm Up and Buff Up™ Lip Care

These little workhorse products go everywhere with me. The containers are compact enough to just toss in my purse, keep in my nightstand, toss into my nail kit, and take up minimal room in my medicine cabinet. There are 5 flavors of the Balm Up™ and 1 of the Buff Up™. There are also fun seasonal ones released throughout the year.

All Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Edible!

These little jars are filled with the best ingredients around! Coconut oil, Shea butter, Olive oil, Wheat germ oil, and Jojoba seed oil mimic skin’s natural oils and lock in moisture forming a breathable barrier on the lips. Sugar smooths away the dead skin without any damage to the freshly exposed skin underneath.

But, these beaut’s aren’t just for your lips! Check out the top 3 other ways I ALWAYS use Balm Up and Buff Up below.


Confession: that lack of water combined with a love of nail color leaves my cuticles a bit worse for wear. The set that’s in my nail kit is perfect for this. After removing my nail polish, I do a nice 2-minute scrub of my nails. I then remove the scrub with a warm face towel and massage in a generous amount of the Balm Up. Let sit overnight and by the next day, your nails are manicure-ready!

Healing Balm

We aren’t just Sugaring aficionados. Many of us are mothers as well! Whether in a diaper bag or a purse, Balm Up has saved me on many occasion. It’s been used as a quick fix for chapped winter skin, scrapes and “ouchies.” It has also been used as a chapped-nipple balm on a rare occasion (always remember to wipe off before nursing.) While sitting and waiting for dance rehearsal to end, take a minute and rub some on your knuckles and finger joints for ageless hands. A little goes a looong way!

Nighttime Routine

Both Balm Up and Buff Up are great additions to your nighttime routine.  Before cleansing your face, use Buff Up to scrub away any remnants of your liquid lippie and smooth out the texture. Continue your nighttime routine as normal, then finish with Balm Up as a lip mask! Put a tad bit more on your lip than you normally would and just let it sit. It works miracles as you sleep with it on. Another nighttime use is to rub just a scotch on your cuticles right before bed. I like to massage my cuticles nightly with it.

With this winning combo, liquid lipstick is only terrifying during application! But, we‘ve got you covered there too! Check out this tutorial and apply like a pro (once your lips are smooth, of course!)

Have more ways to use BUBU? Comment below! We’d love to hear them! Also, check out our June Promos for a great deal on BUBU!