Product highlight: KiSS® Wax

The spa industry is ever growing, ever changing and we are so fortunate to be a part of that! This year, we have refined one of our products and attended the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa this past May to introduce KiSS® Wax to the industry. Unanimous consensus: GAME CHANGER!

Everyone already knows why we love sugar, but what if we took those ‘loves’ and put it into a waxer-friendly kit? Well, that’s exactly what we did with KiSS Waxing®. This all-natural formula is user-friendly, vegan, water soluble, not hot to the skin, no cross contamination, and some might say, budget friendly!    

The Squeeze, Spread, and Strip method answers the need for a safer wax experience!


The squeeze bottle means NO MORE DOUBLE DIPPING! Not even the possibility. Not even on accident. There is no dipping whatsoever. By squeezing it on the skin, you are able to eliminate any potential for cross-contamination. Also, since KiSS Waxing® is heated just enough to keep soft, it can go straight from the warmer to the clients’ skin with no fear of burning! In addition to these, you are able to use just ONE spatula for the entire service*! While at the Dallas trade show, there was a male bikini demo and the practitioner used 42 spatulas!…for just a bikini! Imagine being able to go from 42 spatulas to just 1 spatula.

**Use of 1 spatula for entire service with the exception of going from the bikini to body, or the body to face.


Once Squeezed on, you can use (and re-use) that single spatula to spread the “KiSS.” This formula is unique in that it is spread onto the skin very, very thin. So thin that it is barely noticeable. The thinner it is spread the better the results. This allows your product to go a long way! It also doesn’t adhere to live skin cells, which allows it to be an optimal product for sensitive skin, tattoos, and stubborn hair.

Strip!Untitled design

Once spread as thin as possible, Strip it! The skin is super smooth and the best part? No wax residue to worry about! Simply follow up with the Full Circle post-treatment program.  

This system not only gives waxers so many great benefits as a professional, but also as a practitioner giving better benefits to the client. Finally, as always with AP, top notch support and customer care comes with it!

 Have you used KiSS Waxing® in your Salon or Spa? We’d love to hear about your results! Leave us a comment below. Want to see more from our KiSS booth in Dallas? Check out our album hereTo learn more.