Product Highlight: Full Circle™ Travel Kit

Hair Removal. This has been the basis of Alexandria Professional since its origination. We started out small: simply a way -a natural and safe way- to remove hair. In the never-ending quest for the perfect hairless technique, we fell upon the concept of skin health and its direct correlation to smooth, hairless skin. Throughout over 2 decades of research and evidence-based results, we were able to ascertain that healthy skin leads to perfect hair removal and vice versa. The process of epilation isn’t staccato or linear; rather it is a continuous and fluid full circle. This Full Circle™ is the basis of not only our travel kit but our company as well. 

This Full Circle consist of both conditioning the skin for hair removal as well as using hair removal as a part of the skin conditioning process. The most proven and effective way to condition skin for hair removal starts at the follicular level. Once hair is removed from the follicle, you must soften skin cells so that they can be exfoliated thoroughly thus preventing pore blockage. Once cells are softened and exfoliated, a skin detox helps keep impurities from irritating the pore followed once again by skin cell softening and supreme moisture.

The Travel Kit

We at know these steps to be fundamental to optimal skin health. In an effort to make it easier for clients to jump in and take ownership of their hair removal results, we’ve packaged these steps into a compact travel kit that makes head to toe skincare a breeze.

The Full Circle™ Travel Kit has our 4 best selling, user-friendly products: Phenomen-all, Salt Smoothie®, Sweet Cheeks, and Mud Puddle®.

Phenomen-all not only softens the skin, but also helps treat eczema, acne, and scars. This blogpost talks all about that in detail!  

Salt Smoothie® is the perfect blend of exfoliant and emollient. It is non-comedogenic, vegan, cruelty-free, and naturally high in mineral content.

Sweet Cheeks is perfect for exfoliating the delicate skin on your face. Just like our Salt Smoothie®, it is also vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, and naturally antimicrobial due to the high sugar content.

Mud Puddle® is by far the superstar product in this bunch! We love it so much, we’ve written about it hereTo learn More, here, hereBy Clicking the Link and hereTo learn more about mixology AP way! In addition to drawing out impurities, it helps prevent ingrown hairs by drawing out the hair as well as calming any irritation the skin might experience.

Travel Kit Retailing

Keep a few kits stashed in your treatment room as a way to visually entice the conversation. The packaging is fun and provokes inquiry, and the price is just right! Share its individual product benefits during treatment. Not sure as to all the benefits? Be sure to read up on AP materials so you are completely knowledgeable as to why and how our products work.

With skincare being a fundamental part of hair removal, this kit should be a fundamental part of your post treatment consultation. As professionals, we want the utmost success of our clients.
Sådanne eksempler på forarmelse var vigtige for ensartet transmission af arter af endogene C-type kæder blandt dyr på successive tidspunkter.
They are our canvas, our word of mouth marketing, so it is imperative that they fully experience the benefit of results!

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