AP green initiatives

Here at Alexandria Professional, we pride ourselves on providing you, with the highest quality, and most natural epilation product around. Our formulas are vegan, and our sugar is soo natural, you could eat it! Our products are safe to use from head to toe: fragrance-free, paraben free, petro-free, and non-comedogenic. But , we don’t JUST care about the skin; we prioritize our community as well thru green initiatives. 

Green Initiatives: In Office

We have all of our sugar containers as well as all our pre/post epilation containers made by a local manufacturer. PBI ensures that all the containers we receive from them are recyclable, and they re-use previously molded plastic (regrind) whenever possible to alleviate waste! All of AP’s retail tubes are done by Express Tubes,  a US company that recycles at all production sites. They also work towards minimizing waste, electricity and water usage as much as possible.

Green Initiatives: At Home

We also encourage telecommuting whenever possible and have our own re-up/re-use initiatives! AP employees love to reuse our recyclable containers for everything from storage to crafts. Our sugar containers make great containers for storing coconut oil as well as using our pre and post containers for garden care!

We have a few re-up projects in the works here at home office, so stay tuned for some more ideas on re-using your AP containers.  


Do you have a favorite or creative way to re-use things around the spa? Leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.