Traveling Beauty Dilemmas: A Mani Emergency

Years ago, while traveling for the holidays, I had a mani emergency. I had just gotten a shellac manicure (uber chic and not yet widely done at the time) and was promised it should last up to 2 weeks. When I arrived at my destination, I immediately put my hands to good use. I played with the kids in the family, helped with holiday food preps, and overall just enjoyed my vacation. Well, 2 days in I noticed my GORGEOUS manicure was chipped! While I normally go for muted colors, this time, I figured…what the heck…let’s do something bright! And lo and behold, the bright color choice came back to bite me as I was stuck, in an extremely small town, without my manicurist and an obviously chipped nail a few days before Christmas. This was well before phone apps were the standard. Luckily my host had a similar color (enough to offset the chip nail’s obviousness), but all I could think was, “I wish there was a way to find a manicurist without going in blind.” How does one fix these traveling beauty dilemmas? 

How awesome is it that now, in 2016, there are sooo many ways to do just that! As summer begins here in the northern hemisphere, know that you never have to go in blind. Whether on vacation, moving to a new town or just want to try a new service, there is an app for that! Below are our top rated apps for finding the service of your dreams, no matter where you are!

Traveling Beauty Dilemmas Fixed with Apps!!!

Style Seat

StyleSeat is AHH-mazing! You can literally find anything and everything here from head to toe (including extensions and weaves) to get your glam on! It even includes same day services, reviews, and full treatment menus.  Available on Android and iTunes.


Currently only available in NYC, they are looking to expand nationwide. Each spa/salon is hand-picked and curated to give you the best experience possible. Available on iTunes


A great little tool to help you live life in the fast lane! They even have an extremely helpful blog if you want some beauty reads while on the go. Available for Android and iTunes.


Glamsquad is changing the game by bringing the beauty pros to YOU! Just pick a look, book your appointment and they arrive on location. Available on iTunes or book online.


Priv ups the ante by not only bringing you beauty on the go, but also bringing massage and fitness! Sadly, they are only in NY, LA, Austin and London. If you happen to be traveling to any of those cities, check them out! Available on iTunes and Google Play.

And, of course, no list would be complete without at least a mention:


Definitely one of the most common apps: you can buy gift certificates for practically everywhere. Highly customizable and has tons of reviews. Note, though, that you cannot currently book your appointment through News is they are planning to release an in-app option to book. Available through both iTunes and Play Store.

Have you used any of these apps? Comment below on which was your FAVE!

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