Product Highlight: CC’me®

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Summer is practically upon us! This is the bread and butter season for any hair removal expert. Of course, many people book for a full leg, or bikini, or underarm. But, what about those add-on services? Like an upper lip or eyebrow? What is one of the biggest reasons for a client not wanting one of these in the moment?

From my experience, it’s still having a day ahead of them and not wanting the redness to accompany them on that day! What is your answer for that? Well, if you are already using CC’me®, the answer is easy. 15 minutes pre-service, immediately post service, and they are good to go!

For those not familiar with CC’me®, here is a breakdown on the who’s, what’s, and why’s. Below is the official description of it.

“CC’me® is a pure and all natural blend of nature’s best that will calm and cool your skin before and after removing your hair. Safe and effective for all skin types and all hair removal methods.”

But, what does all that mean?

Its proprietary blend of Carapa and Calotropis Procera are known throughout the tropics and the African continent to relieve inflammation as well as aid in preventing infection. Soybean oil and Shea Butter immediately work towards rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin, while the menthol calms any heat they might experience after hair removal.

But, why would I use it BEFORE treatment?

The same ingredients that work together to calm it down after, also work together to prevent any of that discomfort or redness from the get go! When applied up to 15 minutes prior, the ingredients are already doing their job before the treatment even begins, thus preventing discomfort during the treatment. This is an amazing concept that truly helps to turn that first time, possibly squeamish or sensitive client into a returning guest!

But, who is this for?

CC’me® is for EVERY CLIENT WHO REMOVES HAIR! Literally. Think outside the box to that client who just has no desire to sugar: they love their trusty razor and use it religiously no matter how much you share the benefits of sugaring. As sugarist, we know that shaving increases your chances of ingrowns and infection compared to sugaring. There’s always the possibility of razor burn as well. CC’me® works amazingly at calming that razor burn, keeping the skin soft and supple to help prevent ingrowns, and moisturizing the area. For the client that is DEDICATED to their waxer: this has the same effect and no contraindications.

Then, there is laser hair removal and electrolysis. CC’me® is perfect for at home treatment between sessions, as well as 15 minutes prior and directly after. Between sessions, it helps keep any post-session discomfort at bay (which sometimes stays tender for a couple of days) as well as protects the skin from dry irritation.

How do I get the conversation started?

With it being summer, it’s a natural dialogue: most people deal with some form of hair removal. If the client is already there to see you for hair removal, and you sense any anxiety from them, give a product test of this before treatment. Let them experience it first hand! If it is an add-on service and they are concerned about being red the rest of the day, offer this up as a solution. Keep it in your treatment room, or your station and always have it available, and visually inviting.

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