Product Highlight: Phenomen-all™


As sugarists, we know that for optimal results, the client NEEDS to have adequate at-home care between treatments. It was this need that led to AP creating the Full Circle of Skin Conditioning program. One of the key components of this program is our skin softening balm, Phenomen-all™. We know from training that this wonder balm helps to prevent ingrown hairs by ‘softening’ the skin, but what else can it do?

Skin Softening Balm for Eczema

According to Alicia (a product reviewer – check out her story here), it completely helped keep her eczema flare ups at bay! Grapeseed oil and Clary oil are both known to help battle eczema by clearing rashes and reducing inflammation. They do this through their high content of linoleic acid and linalyl acetate within the oil. Jojoba is also one of the closest oils to natural sebum. This enables the eczema flare up to be highly moisturized, but not irritated.

Skin Softening Balm for Acne

The same ingredients in Phenomen-all™ that prevent eczema inflammation help to keep acne inflammation down as well. Clary sage also helps to regulate oil production on the skin.  Grapeseed oil is known for acne reduction, and jojoba is a natural anti-microbial. In addition to those ingredients, rosewood oil is an antiseptic oil, while grapefruit helps to brighten and heal acne spots. All of these characteristics combined make for one powerful skin healer.

Skin Softening Balm for Scars

The healing properties of clary, rosewood and grapefruit oils work towards toning the skin and helping it repair itself. Clary and grapefruit peel oils, being naturally astringent, tone skin and restore vitality.  

How To Use Phenomen-all™ skin softening balm In The Treatment Room

If you have a client coming in who happens to have eczema, offer up a small sampling of Phenomen-all™ so they can see first hand how awesome it is! Incorporate it into an acne facial so the client can see immediate results. If there is scar tissue present from previous acne flare-ups, or stretch marks that are of concern, offer this product as a solution. As always, keep a tube visually present. Seeing it encourages questions and offers up the opportunity to suggest at-home usage. Once they see how phenomenal their skin is, there’s no going back!

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