Pro tips for wedding prep

Wedding prep season is upon us. While this is a time of joy for many, it can be a source of stress and angst for others. The last thing any bride wants to worry about is stressed out skin and other beauty blunders! So, we’ve reached far and wide to pros throughout the industry to get you their honest thoughts on everything a bride needs to know before her big day! Here are their results:

Wedding Prep tips from the Pros

Skin Health

#1 across ALL forums asked was to see an esthetician. The question was posted in 10 different forums ranging from tanning to nails, including makeup, lashes, skin care, professional procedures and hair removal. The top comment out of all of them was skin health.

The esthetician’s focus was on ensuring your skin had the time it needs to address and possibly correct any issues you may not want on your big day. One esti specifically suggested getting on a regular routine of facials, spot treatments and regular at home care with masks. Masks are great because they can be done at home as needed in between treatments, and you can test out the one you want to use on your big day! If this routine sounds a little exorbitant to you, check with your local esti. Many offer bulk packages to keep you on track and within budget!

Healthy on the inside!

Another concern posted by estheticians was diet and exercise: but not because of what you think! This advice had nothing to do with fitting comfortably into your wedding dress and everything to do with skin health! The very first comment received was to drink your water! While studies are still coming up with in-depth, long-term answers on the effects of aging, water does lead to your skin looking more supple. Water also contributes to overall cellular function, so fewer blemishes! As far as exercise goes, while yes it will improve muscle tone, the main focus of it from our commenters was stress relief! Stress is a major contributor to skin concerns ranging from rosacea and eczema to acne and hives. Exercise is a known stress reliever. So, in addition to keeping you from becoming a bridezilla, it also helps keep your skin in optimal health for those bridal photos!

Hair Removal

Skin health also plays a HUGE part in hair removal. Hair removal is most optimally achieved when there are no obstructions inhibiting the product’s connection with the hair. What this means is that exfoliated and moisturized skin allow sugar (or wax, razor depending on your mode) directly connect with the hair leading to effective hair removal. When the skin is congested, dry or un-exfoliated, sugar has to get through all of that before it can effectively grasp and remove your hair! We here at AP prefer you do your Full Circle of Skin Conditioning between hair removal treatments. But, whether you sugar, wax, shave or laser, skin health is necessary for optimal results!


Even Tanners agree that skincare is one of the most important factors in preparing yourself for the big day! They can’t emphasize enough the importance of exfoliated, hydrated and clean skin when it comes to getting the most out of your spray tan.

Details matter when planning your wedding. Everything from flowers and cake to venue and seating arrangements needs to be addressed. In the hustle and bustle of it all, don’t forget the part that will be in every picture for eternity: your visage!


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