Pro tips for date night skin

The end of winter is upon us. Holiday parties are finally wrapping up, the air is cold and dry and our skin looks sallow from all we’ve put it through over the past couple months. February 1st hits and it’s panic mode! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Winter Formal, the coldest month of the year is also one of the most picture-worthy. So, how do you prep your skin for that Instagram worthy strobe?


…of course! While the scientific verdict is still out, anecdotal evidence suggests that drinking half your body weight in ounces of water leads to glowing skin. Skin is an organ, so it would make sense that water intake would affect it. But, it could take a couple of weeks before you see the results. So what can you do NOW to prepare for a special event or a date night?


If you wear cosmetics, cleanse every single night! It is imperative to wash away all of the day’s debris. Sleeping with cosmetics on can trap oil and dirt in your pores while simultaneously blocking the absorption of your daily products like masks and moisturizers. This can lead to a buildup of bacteria and eventually breakouts!


Once the nighttime bad habits are busted, exfoliating is key. Find an exfoliant that is easy to use and gentle on the skin. Exfoliating helps to scrub out whatever cleansing missed! It also removes dead skin cells that might be accumulating on the surface AND preps the skin to receive any treatment you may have in store. Use two to three times during the week leading up to your big event to fully receive those skin-brightening effects.
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For a skin tightening, and plumping effect, use a treatment mask once during that week, and then again the night of. We LOVE Mud PuddleⓇ for this! The minerals stimulate collagen and it is also anti-inflammatory. This is exactly a saving-grace for those surprise skin issues that ALWAYS pop up right before a date!

And finally…


Finally, get to hydrating! A good moisturizer will leave you rejuvenated, and lively looking. Various performance-based moisturizers offer to plump the skin, or, when layered with a serum or tonic, can brighten and calm the skin. Grab a moisturizing system that best suits your needs and your date-night skin rescue is complete! Once your canvas is prepped you can take to your make-up bag like the artistic pallet it is and strobe away!