A career in sugaring


We applaud you for the hard work you’ve done. You’ve managed to grow both intellectually and emotionally as young adults. You are entering a world ready for the changes you will bring it. Some of you are going off to college, some of you are traveling, some of you are jumping right into the workforce, and some of you are freaking out right now wondering what to do! Many of us in the beauty industry were in that last category as graduates when we decided to become aestheticians.

Graduate… To Aesthetician?

Starting out as an aesthetician is an amazing option! The spa and wellness industry is a 16 billion dollar industry that grew 2.7% between 2010 and 2015.  The US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 12% job growth rate by 2024, which is a 5.5% increase over the overall growth rate in the US. The average school length is about 600 hours (or about 4 months, full time.) The starting salary is, on average, $32,000 annually with the top ten percent making over $56,000 (and that’s before tips in some cases!)

Once you become an aesthetician, there are many ways to make yourself extremely marketable. An extra 600 hours of education, in many states, grants you the title of Master Aesthetician.  You can work in medical facilities, move into Makeup Artistry, or work in niche locations doing single services. Also, taking CEU (Continuing Education Units) throughout your career gives you a leg up on the most recent trends, hones your skills and makes you extremely marketable. Some CEU’s lead to different career paths or helps you to find a new passion.

… To Sugarist?

Alexandria Professional® is proud to support schools and education within this industry! We offer both CEU’s and school partnerships. Our NAPPA program is a partnership with various schools across North America to utilize AP’s revolutionary technique of hair removal as a training supplement to aesthetics education. Going to a NAPPA school leaves you as not only a licensed aesthetician, but also a certified Alexandria Professional® Sugarist.

NAPPA isn’t the only way to become certified. If NAPPA isn’t an option for you, once you become an aesthetician, you can take an Advanced Body Sugaring Class and become a certified practitioner with Alexandria Professional®. Once a sugaring practitioner, we offer 13 other short courses tailored to specific body parts to perfect your craft.

… To Educator?

Another option is to become an Educator. Alexandria Professional® offers different career paths ranging from part-time On-Call Educator, to full-time, market-driven Executive Educator. All options allow you to take control of your career, time investment, and monetary gain.

…To taking charge of your life!!!

Becoming an aesthetician is a fabulous option for those graduates that want a non-traditional career path. Becoming a Sugarist makes that path soar! For those interested in soaring to the next level,  check out the video below and see our class schedule for a class near you!


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  1. Tara kearney

    I apologize. Auto correct is not my friend this morning. I am interested in joining the AP team and becoming a Midwest educator if available. Thank you.

  2. Alexandria Professional

    Hello Tara. Thank you for your interest in Alexandria Professional! We’d love to hear from you. Please e-mail info@alexandriapro.com for more information on how to become certified with Alexandria Professional.