Skin Care On The Go

Summer travel season is upon us. Festival season always pre-emptively gets my wheels turning about what I should pack for an amazing, but carefree vacation. R29 regularly gives me visual inspiration, so, of course, I’m on their mailing list. Along with all the Coachella favorites they spent a month posting about, they recently posted a piece about “The Snowball Method“. It was an interesting piece and got me thinking: How would I pack my beauty bag if I lived the carry-on life?

Below are my top 3 picks for travel whether by train, plane or automobile!

Summer Travel: Put Your Best Face Forward!

1. After scouring every post I could find about travel beauty favorites, I saw a common denominator: moisturizer! It seems as if every single beauty blogger wants to ensure their skin is slathered and protected. This makes perfect sense. Traveling often times means bouncing between extreme climates and climate controlled environments. Both can be extremely harsh on the skin. Packing your basic, most favorite, moisturizer is a must! But, in addition to that, book an appointment with your esthetician. They are the skin care pros and can help you find tailored solutions for your traveling skincare needs. Some travel cult favorites include freshening mists and face oils. While both are easily packable, mists tend not to be in glass jars and can easily be thrown into a cross-body.

2. Brightening/cleansing your skin came in second in popularity. Many bloggers were really concerned about keeping the skin as clean and bright as possible. Between late nights/early mornings and bouncing from activity to activity on vacation, it becomes very easy for skin to look dull. If you are already packing an oil, give this oil cleansing method a try to keep skin clean and extra moisturized (a 2-in1)! For exfoliation, if packing your Clarisonic takes up too much real-estate, and your favorite face scrub doesn’t come in a travel size, pack a mini silicone scrubber (like this). And, in a pinch, a basic face towel would work, as well.

3. Eye care came in tied for third. No one wants to LOOK tired while on vacay (even though we all inevitably ARE tired). There are a million eye creams out there, and everyone has a favorite. I personally love this one from Boscia. It is a lifesaver on airplanes. No matter which one you have to have, the key is to remember to pack it! And, if you forget to, green tea, a freezer, and some ahh-mazing sunnies will do the trick!

Summer Travel: Frame Your Face

Another travel must-have is manageable hair! Many people spend all summer (vacation or no vacation) with their hair tied up in a bun. You have the tools for beautiful skin, why not make your vacation snaps pop with some FAB hair! First and foremost, see your stylist before you travel. A good haircut can be super easy to style. This will save you time and energy when you are on the go. Your stylist can also help you address concerns if you are going to a different climate than what you might be used to. Some cult favorites for styling on the go are the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, a wet/dry brush, and u-shaped hair pins. For people that experience frizz, check out these smoothing sheets!

Summer Travel: Take Care In The Sun

Of course, we all want to look great on vacation, but none of that matters if we don’t protect our skin! Head to toe sunscreen is a must! There are great mineral-based options out there, or you can opt for complete coverage with clothing. There’s even an option to drink your sunscreen! Whichever the case, make sure to protect yourself from sun damage.

Be sure to travel prepared with some after sun care. Aloe is a popular staple (just make sure it is pure aloe). Another option is anything including shea. I personally LOVE using our mud to draw out the heat before adding moisture to a sunburn.


Summer Travel: From the pros!

Here at AP, travel is a part of life. Between tradeshows and educator conferences, someone in the office is always on the go! Of course, we all have our can’t-live-without favorites, but a staple in everyone’s bag is our Full Circle Travel Kit. We took our favorite skincare products and miniaturized them so we’d never have to be without. It tackles everything from skin issues like acne and eczema to after-sun care and ingrowns. No matter where you travel, we’ve got you covered from head to toe!

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