Comforté™ Cream

30 ml / 1 fl oz
(5 customer reviews)

Comforté – Relieves menstrual cramps in minutes …Rub it on and the pain is gone!

Comforté topical cream is a great alternative for women who:
– Cannot or will not ingest pills.
– Must avoid painkiller-laced remedies
– Are looking for natural remedies for Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS.

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Butyrospermum parkki (shea butter), carapa procera, refined helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, methyl salicylate, calotropis procera, santalum album (sandalwood) oil, menthol

5 reviews for Comforté™ Cream

  1. Victoria

    Could NOT go a period without Comforte. Works within minutes, is all natural, and is the perfect size to carry in my purse! I know a few friends who have complained about their period and what have I done? Tossed them the tube of Comforte and told them to rub it all over their lower stomach and lower back. They’ve loved it!

  2. Lyllian Corbin

    Since my pre-teen years, one of the dreadful things I’ve learned in my life is: periods suck… Big time… Like most young girls and women, I have endured many days of pain and anguish due to cramping, aching and numbness, all thanks to my menstrual cycle. Every month was the same routine, taking an Advil or Tylenol in the morning, in hopes I could get through my day. Yet the cramps still returned to torture me further, later on that day, conveniently during class most times. Oh, and let’s not forget those infamous times whilst walking with a group of friends when suddenly, a very, VERY intense cramp hits… By then all I could do was stop, hunch over and slowly kneel down in surrender… Same thing, EVERY month! That is, until I tried AP’s Comforté Cream! When I first came across the product, I was intrigued and hopeful that it would be my best go-to regime, in times of need. When Mother Nature stopped by and delivered my “present”, I was prepared and ready. As soon as the cramps began, I whipped out my Comforté Cream and put that soldier to work! I applied it on any areas where I experienced cramping, aching, and numbness; I was amazed and extremely happy with the results! The pain subsided IMMEDIATELY! I could feel the tension in my muscles loosen and felt much more relaxed. I enjoy the effectiveness of the Comforté and its small packaging, allowing me to carry it in my bag anywhere I need it. I have sworn on this product ever since; I’ve even lent it to a friend in need once! AP’s Comforté Cream has made my cycle much easier to deal with! No more popping Advil morning, day and night… No more curling up in my bed, in agony all night… No more standing up then sitting down, due how uncomfortable my lower abdomen felt… From now on, I am a Comforté girl! Thank you AP!!!

  3. Noelle

    indeed a perfect size to carry in our ladies’s purse/bags. when you’re pain and dis-comfort, rub it in and a little while later cramps and back ache are gone. wonderful lil tube it is.

  4. Rebecca

    Hi can it b used at other times of the month,as then is not the only time we get cramps, also is it hormone free?
    Thank you

    • Alexandria Professional

      Thanks for asking! Yes! This can absolutely be used ANY time of the month! It is amazing not just for menstrual cramps, but for muscle tenderness you might experience as well. It is also hormone free.

  5. NikkiB

    I received a sample of this years ago, and it has been a lifesaver. It relieves the pain, helps reduce inflammation / bloating, feels and smells great, and doesn’t have any of the side effects that some of the pills do. My only problem is I can’t find it for sale anywhere! Has this product been discontinued or what?

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