Pay it forward

Christmas in July is a great idea – but Christmas whenever you feel like it is even better!  You do not need a special holiday to appreciate anyone in your life, especially your loyal clientele.  Just think how awesome you would feel if you received a free coffee from the person in front of you just because they wanted to pay it forward that day.  The pay it forward idea works with your clients as well.  It shows them how much you appreciate them and value their dedication to you as a professional.  Here are some tips and tricks on giving back to your clients and other clients in your salon so in return you gain referrals and even boost your revenue long term!

Travel Kit There is always that client that is beyond loyal to you for their LA Bikini sugaring, however, just comes in every time and only wants that service done, never any add-ons.  During this appointment, you apply the Mud Puddle® to her face to show her the benefits first hand.  Your client may be a bit hesitant, she has never had this done before, but you apply the mask and she is immediately in awe of the cooling of her face.  You keep sugaring her bikini explaining all the benefits of the Mud Puddle®. You let her know it is made up of 60% of silicon dioxide which is a building block of collagen in the skin, it will help detox her skin which is great for many reasons. It will help with any ingrown hairs she may have and will help even in the bath if she becomes sick too by detoxification. Educate her, just don’t spit out information. The Hungarian Wellness Mud starts to dry and she can feel the mask tightening.  After about 15-20 minutes you wash off the mask and she looks in the mirror with the WOW look in her eyes. You just sold your client on the Mud Puddle®, not only for her face but for at home care too!

But it might not just stop with an added on service. You may have that client who is always tight on money and wishes she/he could buy that product to help with their issue.  However, they know that any extra money they have could be used towards bills.  After a treatment, you turn to them and just give them a Full Circle Travel Kit. Not only does it spark a huge smile on their face, but puddles start to form in their eyes. Your client is overjoyed that you just gave them this product to help them, out of the kindness of your heart. In return, that client then saves up a little extra each month to continue to buy that same product because with the sample travel kit you gave them they saw results! They also start to tell their friends about the awesome pay it forward experience they had with you along with how amazing sugaring is! With just that story 3 of their friends start to become your repeat clients as well!

Sometimes downtime just happens in the salon, with a client is running behind or you finished a service quickly. During that time you see that there are a few ladies who are just sitting there waiting for their color to process.  You approach them with two products in your hand, one being Injabulo the other being Mud Puddle®.   mudhandFirst, you let them know who you are and what you do and while you are doing that you mix up the mud and put it on the top of one of their hands.  You continue chatting with these lovely ladies but your chatting consists of educating them on the products you are using. This will help you to build a retail clientele. Next, you grab the Injabulo and start to massage it into the other hand explaining how the Injabulo is an African ointment that has cooling effects that will help to soothe sore muscles and will also help hydrate the skin to leave it soft.  rubAfter you finishing massaging it into their hand, the Mud Puddle® is ready to take off.  You have each of the ladies compare their hands and you see the light bulb go off in each of their eyes knowing that they see the difference. You explain to them that the Mud Puddle® is made up of 60% silicon dioxide which is the building block of collagen from skin to bone and just think what this could do if they put it on their face twice a week!  You thank each of them seeing as they need to get their color washed out and after they are done in the salon they each come to search for you to buy either one of the products or both.   

If you ever get the chance to pay it forward to your clients or to someone getting a coffee, just remember that these tricks mentioned above will benefit you.  If you don’t see results from giving back right away, give it time – the ark was not built in a day!  Stay positive and keep on paying it forward!