The bearded client

If you’ve seen our latest Sweet Talk webisode, you know that this month is all about men! How to sugar them, why to sugar them, and most importantly, how to get them in the door! So today, I want to talk about beards! The Lumbersexual movement hit its peak last fall and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Now, whatever your take on this antithesis of Metrosexual style is, it doesn’t negate the fact that this opens a huge genre of clients for you! Many men want to attempt this look, but don’t necessarily know how to go about it. That is where you, the professional, comes in. Below are our top 5 ways to get that bearded client in the door!

The bearded Client: Peak Their Interest with Beard Content!

Do you run a blog for your business? Start small. Once a month, do a blog post about men’s grooming. Don’t have a blog? Share an article on your social media sites. Make men’s grooming a standard content topic in your social media scheduling rotation. This trend is so huge and there are tons of men’s blogs/vlogs dedicated solely to beards. Follow them and share the content you think your clients could use. Below are a couple of my favorite articles on beard maintenance:

5 Ways to a Healthier Beard                                                                                            Really highlights that beard health is a routine; a routine as intricate as hair or skin care.

5 Realities of Patchy Beards                                                                                            Even for those of us with signs of dense facial hair, we still might not let our beards grow out in fear of uneven growth. It doesn’t matter who you are, there isn’t a single beard out there that naturally grows out in perfect uniformity from side to side, top to bottom, or chin to cheek. To think otherwise is silly and will put you on the fast track to disappointment.”

This one is great because it definitely highlights the idea that beards need grooming and evening up!

The Bearded Client: Meet Their Needs

Once you’ve peaked their interest as a male inclusive spot, make sure you can cater to their needs. List services that specifically target male grooming. The cheek line is an often neglected part of grooming that really takes that beard from a 90 to 100 (as Lina says in Sweet Talk). Also, many men starting on their beard journey aren’t sure where to create their neckline. Having these services listed, offering package deals, and providing intriguing content are all ways to meet their needs.

The Bearded Client: Go Above and Beyond

If the resources are available, another way to get them in the door is through education! Clients come to an aesthetician, not just for a facial, but for their in-depth knowledge of skin care. Many clients trust their professional to give them the latest and greatest in terms of skincare knowledge. The ideal client is on a long-term journey with you to the best skin health possible. Why should it be any different for men and beards? Holding a quarterly or biannual event for men is a great way to get them educated! It’s an opportunity to get these clients to see first hand how sugaring can bring their beards to the next level. It’s an opportunity to also teach about beard management and skin care for the skin under that beard. Visuals like this one, describing the different shape-ups available, are extremely beneficial to the client.

Create Partnerships

Are there other industry pros near you? Create a partnership! Design a referral program amongst yourselves that will benefit all parties and the client mutually. Is there a specialty menswear shop near you? A chic dive that you notice men frequent? Ask the owner about advertising there or creating an endorsement program!

Word of Mouth

It goes without saying, but come with your A game! Men’s facial hair can be tricky sometimes. Always do a patch test and a pre-treatment consultation. Prepare them for a possible histamine reaction and explain the importance of skin health with the Full Circle of Skin Conditioning Program. Taking care of your client is the best form of advertising you can have, and the bearded client is no different. Ensuring that proportions are visually appealing, that their skin’s health is top notch, and that they understand how much time they save with sugaring is the perfect way to get them excited and share their love of sugaring with potential new clients!


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