Battling Burnout: how to renew your love for your career

Springtime: a space for renewal, rejuvenation and re invigoration. It’s very easy in this time between the holidays and summer to let the lull bring about feelings of burnout and fatigue. The physicality of this industry can take a toll by the end of the week. But, we love our job! So what can you, as a beauty professionals, do to gain a renewed love for your career?

Self Care

First and foremost, always remember self care! At the end of a hard work day, decompression is very much needed in order to not carry this stress over into the next day.

Some ways to decompress and avoid burnout:

  • My favorite… YOGA! Even just a 10 minute practice to release the day’s stress can be life changing when practiced regularly!
  • A mud mask. After caring for other people’s skin all day, it can be easy to sacrifice your own skin health. After a particularly stressful day, remove your makeup completely, apply your mask and (optionally) sip on some Cab Sav! The simple ritual of removing the day from your skin and enjoying a simple pleasure is a transformative practice in mindfulness.
  • Gratitude Journaling. It’s definitely hard to feel discontent in life when the focus is shifted towards gratitude. Besides the many psychological benefits of a refocus, gratitude journaling also has physical benefits – better sleep being a main one! This one has the added benefit of focusing on physical health as well!
  • Speaking of physical health…exercise! A 20 minute run in nature, or a virtual dance class not only gets those endorphins pumping, but can provide a release of stress to help you refocus and self motivate.
  • Cooking! For some, cooking can be the ultimate stress relief! Of course the obvious benefits of fueling your body and lowering your take-out bill make it a clear choice. But cooking has some not so obvious benefits as well! It allows immediate gratification, induces mindfulness, and gives a creative outlet.

Planning for the future

Once your mind is clear, it is usually easier to see what it is you want in life! What about your career is burning you out? Do you have a way to fix that immediately? If not, is there a plan of action you can put into play to address it in the future? How about your personal life? Is there a way to add more organization to your life, so there is space to grow professionally? All of these questions can seem daunting. Check out the tips below for blocking out the noise and planning for the future!

Planning and organization

  • Time Management: This one is probably the most difficult for many, but also the most important! It is easy to forget that we need time management in our personal lives as well. Many of the productivity concepts that apply at work, can also be integrated into your personal life. Surprisingly, they all seem to circle back around to a concept of focus and mindfulness. Steer clear of multi tasking and give undivided attention to any task at hand.
  • Now that your time is managed, use that to create organizational goals around your house! One of the main tips most organized people have is to remove the clutter. Set aside time each day to go through your entire home section by section and declutter!
  • Create a vision board! Whenever you feel like you are in a rut, this little tool can really help to refocus and see the big picture! Some believe an action board would be more effective, but whichever you chose, be sure to let them inspire!

Regardless of the industry or the role you play in your workcenter, we all feel a burnout at times. One of the biggest challenges for most people is a work life balance. These tips have helped countless people find that balance, and I hope it can help you too! Happy Sugaring!

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