Become an educator


  1. Be a professional in the health, beauty and/or wellness industry.
  2. Be an active practitioner who has been providing advanced sugaring services for a minimum of six months and a minimum of 15 hours per week.
  3. Send in Resume, Letter of Intent why you want to be an AP Educator and plan for that position, and video showing your 6 Steps and explaining each step
    • Current Resume.
    • Video Showing and Describing the AP 6 Steps Sugaring.
    • A letter stating why they want to be an AP Educator and intention as an AP Educator.
  4.  Once the documents are received and approved the applicant will be sent the agreements and online educator exam.
    • Educator Exam
    • Signed Confidentiality Agreement
    • Signed Educator Contract Agreement
    • A career with AP Agreement
    • Confidentiality Agreement
    • Branding Agreement
  5.  The next step is to have their sugaring technique and theory evaluated by an Executive Educator.
  6. Assist an Executive Educator in a minimum of two practitioner classes.
  7. Once all documents and materials have been received and approved an invitation to the next educator seminar will be sent notifying of date, times and location.

Applicants will be notified when next educator training will take place upon acceptance, and will be required to attend the new educator conference at the Buffalo, NY office.


Become An Educator

EE Duties & Responsibilities

  • Commit a minimum of 30 hours per week to the development program
  • Work all levels of the program including but not limited to:
  1. Solicit salons continually for the Advanced Sugaring classes
  2. Be responsible for all pre-class protocol
  3. Implement the NAPPA (North America Partnership Program for Academies) Program including the Rewards System into a minimum of 6 schools within the first year
  4. Coordinate and perform a minimum of 4 Info Seminars in Advanced Sugaring
  5. Perform cold calls by telephone, mail-outs, face to face, live demos
  6. Regularly service and assist all accounts for whom you are receiving sales remuneration - communicate monthly specials, new product info, upcoming events, special news…
  7. Assist salons to increase their monthly purchases by helping them to become more successful at sugaring and at retailing AP products
  8. Teach salons to use all other AP treatment products and support retail products
  9. Provide continual sales support to accounts as an AP Servicing Agent
  10. Perform on-going Refresher classes
  11. Participate in a minimum of 2 Trade Shows & Seminars per year when coordinated by AP Head office
  12. Be available as an OCE at least 1 time per year by the Corporate Office
  13. Provide Lina Kennedy, president, monthly reports which will be provided by AP
  14. Be available for full quarterly reviews
  15. Respond to emails and voice messages promptly – if you are unavailable, leave the time when you will be available on an email auto response or voice mail. Or inform the Corporate Office and leave AP toll free tel. 800-957-8427
  16. Help each new account reach a minimum of $250 purchases from AP per month
  17. Always represent Alexandria Professional® with absolute professionalism, integrity, and honesty while completely avoiding gossiping about any individual and/or business.

The EE must also have the following business NEEDS in place and provide the Company with the information relating to each NEED:

  • Internet Access
  • Email address assigned by the Company
  • Dedicated telephone line
  • Alexandria Professional business cards
  • DBA – own business whether the EE registers their own name as their business
  • Sales and Use Tax Permit – complying with their own State laws
  • Federal Tax I.D. #
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