Our Mission

Alexandria Professional® is dedicated to providing healthy, natural solutions to the beauty and wellness industries. Having developed and pioneered our innovative sugaring process for the removal of unwanted hair, and our Full Circle of Skin Conditioning™ program, we are committed to passing on Alexandria Professional's wealth of knowledge through top notch education around the world. We strive to work with our clients to resolve any skin concerns and improve the overall condition of their skin. As a company, we take a stand to end violence against women, and make a commitment to give back to the community.

Alexandria Professional® is very proud to be the pioneers of professional body sugaring hair removal into the beauty industry worldwide! We have grown in popularity for more than twenty years as a safe and effective quality alternative form of epilation.


Who is Alexandria Professional®?

Lina Kennedy

Lina Kennedy, President and CEO

Alexandria Professional® is a body sugaring company dedicated to providing result oriented hair removal solutions to the beauty and wellness industries. We have developed and pioneered a unique and innovative process for the removal of unwanted hair called “advanced body sugaring”.

Our commitment is to educating professionals in our hair removal and skin conditioning treatments. 

Important facts about us

Some important facts you should know about Alexandria Professional® include:

  • Alexandria Professional® uses molecular innovation™ to produce body sugaring pastes that offer “value for your money”. Our body sugar pastes are formulated to last throughout your treatments without replacing it, saving you product costs. All of our pre/post treatment products are tested and proven as safe and effective.
  • Alexandria Professional® education has evolved to help new and seasoned body sugarists alike to become more fluid and precise in their technique. Our 6 STEPS to PERFECT SUGARING will help you become a master sugarist faster.
  • Alexandria Professional® is the only company to receive notation in the Milady and Pivot Point textbooks, two of the most recognized cosmetology books in the world.
  • Alexandria Professional® dedicates much of its resources to ongoing R&D to improve and remedy various skin conditions.

What is Body Sugaring Epilation?

Professional Body Sugaring Skin Epilation is a safe, gentle and effective solution to hair extraction for women, men and children. Advanced Body Sugaring Epilation offers numerous unique and diverse benefits.

The most important advantage is very fundamental: the Alexandria technique and sugar paste formulation extracts the hair in its natural direction of growth while the hair is still in the early growth stage (Anagen stage). This eliminates hair breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells.

AP Follicle Management Program

Alexandria Professional is about excellence in hair removal. It is about reaching optimum results for your personal hair growth situation. And we at AP understand the various causes for excess hair growth. That is why our training of professional Practitioners includes a complete comprehension of offering optimum results without offering false hopes.

That’s where our Follicle Management Program comes into effect. FMP is the key to reaching optimum permanent or permanent reduction results.

AP’s proprietary Kennedy Theory to sugaring hair removal treatments, as well as our molecular innovation™ in producing the best quality sugar pastes, plays an intricate role in AP’s Follicle Management Program. To learn more about the benefits, please feel free to contact one of our many specialists or contact us directly at info@alexandriapro.com.

Your journey to hair free beautiful skin begins now.
We are happy to care for you.

Lina Kennedy, President

The results of Alexandria Professional® Body Sugaring Products? Smooth, beautiful skin, without the discomforts of other epilation techniques.

Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types

"It's not about the color of your skin, it's about the condition of it..."- Lina Kennedy, President/CEO

Discover why Salon Professionals are choosing Alexandria Professional® as their leading choice for safe and efficient body hair removal.

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