LK PLUS™ Sugar Paste

1kg / 35oz
(2 customer reviews)

LK Plus Body Sugar Paste is a softer paste used by practitioners who have mastered their skills in the advanced technique of body sugaring.
It is softer than Regular sugar paste but harder than LK Private Stock sugar paste.

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Sucrose, Aqua, Citrus Medica Limonum, Acacia Senegal

2 reviews for LK PLUS™ Sugar Paste

  1. Annie Mac

    I no longer have to mix LK private and Regular! LK PLUS you’re my favorite go to sugar!

  2. Deanna Wolf

    Absolutely LOVE this paste. I now use regular for LA’s and LK+ for everything else. My hands are usually very cold when I start so this is softer right off the bat until my hands warm up. Stays nice and pliable so it doesn’t pull on your clients hair or skin and cause unnecessary discomfort. For reference, I have been sugaring for 8 years. I would say for someone less experienced to start with regular or mix regular and lk+. Awesome stuff!

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