A letter from Lina

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Why Alexandria Professional® became VEGAN!

Up until last year, I did not realize that bees wax was not considered to be vegan! Alas, it was the only ingredient preventing AP from claiming its formulations were all vegan. Once we did come to realize this very important fact, we went to work to find a suitable replacement in some of our formulations containing bees wax.

We really do pride ourselves on providing high quality and keeping our pricing in the affordable category. “Of course, we understand that affordable is an operative word and its true meaning will vary from person to person.” But, on the grand scale of the beauty industry, AP has successfully formulated very effective products without outpricing itself.

Going FULL VEGAN was just another milestone we worked on to reach!

The decision was not in vain. Rather, it was in answer to what is continually becoming more and more requested by consumers, and professionals alike. We hear you, and we always try to respond effectively. And we cleaned up the ingredient that taught me something new. Bees are put under duress conditions to produce. Hence, why bees wax is not considered vegan. All became clear, and changes were made.

Now, regarding the actual question about being gluten-free, here is our formal response.

After open discussions with our affiliate chemists, reviewing Celiac Association opinions and online investigation, we came to the following realization that there is still speculation on whether or not Wheat Germ Oil, which is refined and has the protein gluten removed, poses health risks/concerns to individuals who suffer from gluten intolerance/have Celiac.

I have reviewed so many opinions, strong arguments, listened to our chemist advisors, and have come to my own conclusion.

First, NO we are not Gluten Free.
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By definition of the law, we are. By definition of those who suffer with Celiac, we are not.

Second, we have Wheat Germ Oil in our Restore Lotion and Dermawear Duo lotions and Balms, as you are all aware of. When we formulated, we chose this ingredient as an extra boost for the skin. Wheat Germ Oil is considered a healthy ingredient used as antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins A, B, and D. Of course dog years ago, there were no potential recognized concerns with this ingredient. And there still is not for those who do not have an intolerance to gluten.

However, now having taken more time to delve into this topic deeper, I am happy to inform that we will go forward with looking for a sensible, reliable replacement for the Wheat Germ Oil ingredient in our formulations.

You can expect the balms (mostly because they are applied to the lips) to be Gluten-free by April 1st, 2016.

We will advise you when the lotions will become officially gluten-free. It will be in 2016. No promises as to the exact dates because I need to have my production team get back to me with answers to some inventory and committed production questions.

I do promise you, as I did regarding AP becoming Vegan, that we will reach this goal this year! I am an advocate of “when in doubt, patch test” for sugaring. Now I can say, “When in doubt, stay away”. That would be my motto if I had to live with Celiac. Therefore, let’s take AP to another level.


Happy Sugaring, Lina