The LA Bikini

St. Catharines, ON


The LA Bikini Masterclass: Take your sugaring to the next level, learn our Perfect LA Bikini and Designer Bikini. Learn how to shape a bikini to different possible shapes (heart, clover, initials, etc.) as well as full bikini. Class covers how to deal with difficult to remove hair, positioning, how to hold the skin and taking into account age, flexibility and size.


Jodi Speight

Jodi Speight

Jodi Speight owns and operates My Serenity Spa & Wellness. She has been with the AP family since 2009 and educating with the brand since 2010. “I strive on, watching my students exceed and become successful Master Sugarists”. In addition to continuing her education with AP, Jodi enjoys bettering herself and sharing her knowledge and experiences.