Advanced Body Sugaring Certification (2-Day)

Dallas, TX


Advanced Body Sugaring Certification: The Advanced Body Sugaring course is your first step to becoming certificated with Alexandria Professional. This is a 2 day, 16 hour course that will train you in the Kennedy Theory® for sugaring along with our 6 Step™ technique. This course is designed to meet the needs of today’s salons and spas for a safer and gentler method of hair removal and skin conditioning, ensuring each trainee understands the hair growth theory and how much to maximize the results of body sugaring with advanced techniques.


LaQuitta Stansberry

LaQuitta Stansberry

LaQuitta graduated Cosmetology School in 1999 after she realized the education she wanted to pursue was in her passion for hair and skin care. While traveling the world learning new techniques and modern day advances she was introduced to Alexandria Professional body sugaring technique she began her career as Executive Educator with Alexandria Professional in 2006. For over 20 years in this industry, she is versatile, dedicated and passionate about all things related to healthy hair and skin.