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Alexandria Professional® is dedicated to providing healthy, natural solutions to the beauty and wellness industries. Having developed and pioneered our innovative sugaring process for the removal of unwanted hair, and our Full Circle of Skin Conditioning™ program, we are committed to passing on Alexandria Professional's wealth of knowledge through top notch education around the world. We strive to work with our clients to resolve any skin concerns and improve the overall condition of their skin. As a company, we take a stand to end violence against women, and make a commitment to give back to the community.

Alexandria Professional® is very proud to be the pioneers of professional body sugaring hair removal into the beauty industry worldwide! We have grown in popularity for more than twenty years as a safe and effective quality alternative form of epilation.


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Students that have gone on to offer sugaring in their salons after graduation have been very successful in their business…

Choosing to bring the Alexandria Professional® Body Sugaring modality to our school curriculum over ten years ago has been a great success. Our revenues on the client floor has gone up since adding the advanced sugaring services to our clients and many that have switched from the waxing to sugaring are much happier with their hair removal results. Students that have gone on to offer sugaring in their salons after graduation have been very successful in their business offering a more advanced form of hair removal service. It is a great partnership working with the Alexandria Professional® staff and the support and education we have received has given our school a real edge in the student education market so I would say that we made a very wise choice when deciding to bring on such a new modality into this industry and continues to do so today.

– Darlene, Cosmetology Lead Instructor for Minnesota State Community and Technical College

I am proud to say that I was the first Alexandria Professional (“AP”) practitioner in NZ
Thanks for the Wake-Up Call!

I am the owner of a small but very busy beauty salon in Hamilton, NZ, that specializes in essential grooming ie hair removal. As you have just advised to your readers we are always on the lookout for a better way to do our job, to better the service we provide to our clients.

A couple of years ago we discovered a ….sugar paste product. This was a definite improvement on traditional waxing however essentially it was simply a sugar paste with a waxing method. Last year, while at the NZ Beauty Expo, we discovered Alexandria Professional. I reflect back on that moment now and realize that it was the most pivotal point in my 20 year career in Beauty Therapy. I guess you could describe it as a “light bulb” moment. Everything that was explained to me about the fundamentals of the method just seemed to make perfect sense, and a week later I was on the plane to Sydney to undergo my training in the Alexandria Professional method of hair removal. A month later I was back, undergoing advanced training.

I am proud to say that I was the first Alexandria Professional (“AP”) practitioner in NZ, and that our small salon was the first to offer this method to our clients. Like you, our clients wouldn’t go back to waxing if we paid them! Our results have been simply outstanding, far surpassing the expectations of both client and therapist. It has not been an easy conversion by any means. This method requires the therapist to leave their waxing “hat” at the door (forever) and to practice, practice, practice. Like any new challenge “AP” requires a certain amount of resolve and commitment. It is easy to fall back onto what you know, and what comes easily. However, it is in the client’s interest to persevere, and when you get it right, they will just about weep with joy when they experience the results.

It gives me a lot of satisfaction knowing that by challenging conventional thinking and taking a risk, we have raised our profile, gained many more new clients and increased our turnover. Most importantly to me, our existing clientele are fiercely loyal and regularly thank us profusely for finding innovative ways to give them better results.

I look forward to more Monday morning Wake-Ups!

Best wishes

– Deborah Downey 🙂 in New Zealand

Former Waxing Clients Attracted to Sugaring

“My name is Lisa, I have been a stylist for over five years now and have always offered regular waxing services to my clients. Since being introduced to Alexandria Professional Products and being certified in their technique of sugaring I have opened up my clientele to a very new and more effective form of hair removal. It was an easy transition for my existing “waxing” clients. They were attracted to the “less painful” approach of sugaring. They really loved the results of not just the hair being removed, the excellent condition of their skin, but most of all how they could reach permanency through body sugaring. This has been a wonderful way to expand on my existing clientele and offer more of a variety to fit each of my clients needs. By being a trained professional in the art of body sugaring by Alexandria Professional has helped increase my overall sales and retail. It was a great way to get new clients and to help my current clients with all of their beauty needs. Thank you.”

– Lisa from Minnesota

Sugaring, it really is true what they say…

Sugaring- Over the past few years I had been receiving waxing to remove the hair on my upper back neck and shoulders. Besides being painful, I was guaranteed to break out within several days of the treatment. Lina Kennedy gave me an Alexandria Body Sugar treatment this past summer and the difference was night and day. Not only was the pain much less, there was little to no breaking out. By the second treatment there no break out at all and I could barely tell the treatment was being performed. I am already noticing much less return growth, which is great. I have made body sugaring my only choice for hair removal.

Hungarian Wellness Mud –

I was told that this mud would reduce the severity of sun burn. Well that’s an understatement. Like most people with fair skin, I burn easily and severely. I usually have to endure days of discomfort and followed by the inevitable peeling. After a day at the beach it became painfully obvious that I had rubbed off my sunscreen in a few places most notably a spot on my left leg and one of my upper shoulders. I immediately applied the mud to my leg, having to wait on the shoulder due to time. The relief was immediate. The next day I applied the mud for about 20 minutes to both my leg and shoulder. By day’s end I felt no discomfort at all on my leg, it wasn’t even red! My shoulder was coming along nicely as well. The following day after another application, the redness from all areas was gone. The best part was the immediate reduction of the burning and discomfort after applying the mud. I have never experienced a better remedy for sun burn, ever.

Can’t recommend this enough.

– Ben from California

That’s what I like to hear!!

“Sugaring client comment today: “You should do before/after photos of bikinis! I exfoliated and moisturized like you told me. No ingsu_rowns and (after one month) only five hairs! My kitty is SO pretty! I never had this experience with waxing.” That’s what I like to hear!!”

– Andrea from Coronado, CA

The variety of girls was fun and the information was superb!

Lisanne… Thank you SO much for a wonderful class in Salt Lake City. The variety of girls was fun and the information was superb! Will be seeing you again.

– Kae Olson

I knew I needed to meet you.


Thank you for two fantastic training days. Well paced, really informative and fun! I knew I needed to meet you. My kit is coming in the next couple of days and then i’m back on the spa schedule for sugaring and I can’t wait. I will be getting that manscaping DVD as well.

Thank you both very much.

– Tania from Sioux Falls, SD

Can’t wait to get certified 😉

“I am so pleased to have met Lisanne! I loved hearing her passion about teaching sugaring as a curriculum for licensed SKIN CARE professionals. If I have my way, threading will be mandatory as well. Can’t wait to get certified ;)”

– Alicia from California

One of the reasons our students attend this school is because of the Alexandria Professional™ Body Sugaring name…

We love the product! One of the reasons our students attend this school is because of the Alexandria Professional™ Body Sugaring name. We have tried other brands in the past, but their paste is not consistent. The education that we have received from Alexandria Professional™ is superb. Clients love it, once they become sugared, they will not go back. Students love it as well. Some of our students have attended the National Congress of Esthetics and have tried other things, but they always go back to Alexandria Professional™. We still have Estheticians calling in to find out how to become certified.

– Jeffery, Director of Education
Austin, TX

The results of Alexandria Professional® Body Sugaring Products? Smooth, beautiful skin, without the discomforts of other epilation techniques.

Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types

"It's not about the color of your skin, it's about the condition of it..."- Lina Kennedy, President/CEO

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