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AP® Monthly Archives: September 2016


Product Highlight: I Love My Skin kit


If you saw this month’s Sweet Talk, you’d know how much we ALL LOVE makeup (and some of us like the fetal position hehe). With Halloween just around the corner, this time of year is an MUA’s dream! But, after all the hauntings stop and the costumes come off, we are still left with our skin. Our glorious skin that is about to be in every family photo from now until January! If you remember from Lina’s ‘5-minute makeup challenge’ from the webisode, there were 3 main products sitting off to the side from the ‘I Love My Skin Kit‘. These powerhouse products will not only return your skin to its glorious pre-costume vigor, it will keep you glowing for years to come!

The Skin Kit

Presept™ Skin Cleanser

This gentle cleanser is safe for ALL skin types. Presept thoroughly cleanses your skin while maintaining your Ph balance.  But it does so much more than that as well. With its star ingredient, Acai, you can expect results. Acai, as we all know, is a powerhouse antioxidant that can help repair sun damage. In addition to this, though, Acai is loaded with B vitamins -which is great for eczema; Vitamin E-which aides with collagen reproduction and strengthens elasticity; as well as all 3 fatty acids detrimental to skin strength. The simple act of cleansing your skin literally helps you to battle environmental stressors and prevent accelerated skin aging.

Essential™ Tonic

This toner is the key to getting your products to work in unison! EssentialTonic is simply that: essential. Myrrh calms and soothes the skin. So, if you are experiencing any breakouts or irritation, this tonic will provide relief. Myrrh also has antifungal and skin healing properties as well. The real magic of this tonic, though, is Lactic Acid: EssentialTonic has 7% Lactic Acid.  Lactic Acid is one of the most gentle AHAs on the market. It’s safe for daily exfoliation and aids in lessening the appearance of scarring from acne. In addition to exfoliation, it helps promote collagen growth.

Restore™ Hydrating Lotion

Hydration at its purest! RestoreHydrating Lotion is perfect for sensitive, oily and dry skin types alike. It is safe to use from head to toe, fragrance-free, paraben-free, petro-free, formaldehyde-free, and non-comedongenic. Glycerin works towards locking moisture into the skin without leaving a residue or clogging pores. The proprietary blend of 5 essential oils and extracts work towards healing skin and reducing acne without sacrificing moisture. It’s the perfect way to finish off any skincare regime!

The Conversation

While this kit is perfect for at-home use post hair-removal, it is also a perfect kit for your client’s daily skincare needs. While doing your pre-treatment routine, chat about the skincare benefits that the cleanser and tonic have. Discuss daily cleansing rituals and see if this is a good fit for your client’s lifestyle. During post-treatment, discuss the benefits of hydration vs moisturization (even for oily and acneic skin!). Point out that Restore is a HYDRATING lotion. Also, keep a kit in your treatment room, as well as in the retail area. Being able to touch, feel, smell and experience a product really peaks interest.

Whether in a gym bag, carry-on luggage or on your bathroom sink, the I Love My Skin kit is a must have for any costume-wearing ghoul! Keep your skin glorious in ALL your family photos for months and years to come!

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AP® Monthly Archives: September 2016


Managing Aging skin


Last week we talked about caring for a sunburn, which made me think of the nostalgia of youth. I, like many young people, was never concerned with sun damage. I’d spend my summers frolicking in the sun with ne’er a care in the world. Not until attending aesthetics school did I even contemplate the effects (besides cancer) that the sun, or my lifestyle, could have on my skin. Now, 20 years later, the effects of lifestyle on my aging skin are evident.

What exactly is aging skin?

To start off, there are basically two types of aging skin: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic skin goes through the basic process of aging regardless of skin care regimen or prevention. It is your genetic rate of aging. The collagen in your skin decreases naturally at about 1% per year after age 20 and melanocytes decrease about 10% per decade. Estrogen starts declining in your 30’s, as well as elastin and hyaluronic acid. Cell turnover begins to slow as well. All of these combined means that your skin starts to lose some its color, some of its regenerative properties and some of its fullness.

Extrinsic aging is the contribution of behavior and environment to the aging process. UV damage, stress, skin care, diet, and smoking all drastically enhance the effects of aging. UV damage causes connective tissues and elastin fibers to weaken and fray in all three layers of skin, as well as causes sun spots, lesions, and plaques. Stress, particularly cortisol, contributes to skin dryness and speeds up the breakdown of elastic fibers within your skin. Poor skin care can create an environment ripe for toxins. It is possible to strip the skin of needed natural barrier oils, as well as physically damage your skin with harsh, jagged exfoliants. Pollution and cigarettes restrict blood vessels, leading to your skin not getting oxygen and vital nutrients to the surface.

Short of cosmetic surgery, there is nothing you can do to completely stop aging at the cellular level. But, by combatting the extrinsic factors that make aging so evident, it is possible to meet your golden age with impeccable skin.

How can I manage the effects of aging skin?

Of course, there are the golden three: prevent UV damage, drink tons of water, and sleep. Besides those, though, there are a few other tips to help combat the existing damage as well as preventing more damage.


UV damage greatly impacts the elastic fibers in the skin. To combat this, keep a diet rich in Vitamin C and Protein as well as eating a rainbow of vegetables daily. Also, use a mask high in silicon dioxide. Most creams that contain collagen are too large at the cellular level to penetrate to where it is needed. Silica is a building block of collagen and penetrates effectively in order to help repair the breakdown of fibers that UV exposure causes.
In your skincare regimen, ensure to use only chemical exfoliants or manual exfoliants with “rounded’ structure vs “jagged” structure. The jagged structure exfoliants (read shell powders) leave micro tears in the skin leading to increased texture issues. Incorporate Hyaluronic Acid into your moisture regimen. This will combat the natural HA loss your skin goes through as it ages.


There’s a lot to be said about preventative measures. Limiting UV exposure is obviously #1. There are many skin friendly sunscreens on the market. But, you can also simply cover up. Clothing creates a UVA and UVB barrier and is generally an amazing non-chemical way to protect against sun damage.

Use a gentle skin care regimen. Check the labels for potentially harmful ingredients. Stay away from ingredients that strip the natural barrier of oils and don’t forget to look at your cosmetic ingredients as well. When in doubt, ask your aesthetician or skin care professional for guidance and recommendations.

Meditate. Yes, meditate. Practicing mindfulness not only improves your outlook on life, it also helps you to de-stress thus keeping those cortisol levels at a balanced level.

Limit toxins and pollutants to the skin as well. Change air filters in your home and car regularly, and limit exposure to smog, cigarette smoke, and other environmental pollutants. Besides being irritating to your respiratory system, these pollutants can irritate or dry out your skin as well.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
-Benjamin Franklin

These minor changes in lifestyle can make a huge difference in the rate at which your skin ages.

Do you have a tried and true anti-aging trick? Please share with our community of skincare enthusiast! We’d love to hear from you.

AP® Monthly Archives: September 2016


Product Highlight: Full Circle™ Travel Kit


Hair Removal. This has been the basis of Alexandria Professional since its origination. We started out small: simply a way -a natural and safe way- to remove hair. In the never-ending quest for the perfect hairless technique, we fell upon the concept of skin health and its direct correlation to smooth, hairless skin. Throughout over 2 decades of research and evidence-based results, we were able to ascertain that healthy skin leads to perfect hair removal and vice versa. The process of epilation isn’t staccato or linear; rather it is a continuous and fluid full circle. This Full Circle™ is the basis of not only our travel kit but our company as well. 

This Full Circle consist of both conditioning the skin for hair removal as well as using hair removal as a part of the skin conditioning process. The most proven and effective way to condition skin for hair removal starts at the follicular level. Once hair is removed from the follicle, you must soften skin cells so that they can be exfoliated thoroughly thus preventing pore blockage. Once cells are softened and exfoliated, a skin detox helps keep impurities from irritating the pore followed once again by skin cell softening and supreme moisture.

The Travel Kit

We at know these steps to be fundamental to optimal skin health. In an effort to make it easier for clients to jump in and take ownership of their hair removal results, we’ve packaged these steps into a compact travel kit that makes head to toe skincare a breeze.

The Full Circle™ Travel Kit has our 4 best selling, user-friendly products: Phenomen-all, Salt Smoothie®, Sweet Cheeks, and Mud Puddle®.

Phenomen-all not only softens the skin, but also helps treat eczema, acne, and scars. This blogpost talks all about that in detail!  

Salt Smoothie® is the perfect blend of exfoliant and emollient. It is non-comedogenic, vegan, cruelty-free, and naturally high in mineral content.

Sweet Cheeks is perfect for exfoliating the delicate skin on your face. Just like our Salt Smoothie®, it is also vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, and naturally antimicrobial due to the high sugar content.

Mud Puddle® is by far the superstar product in this bunch! We love it so much, we’ve written about it here, here, here and here! In addition to drawing out impurities, it helps prevent ingrown hairs by drawing out the hair as well as calming any irritation the skin might experience.

Travel Kit Retailing

Keep a few kits stashed in your treatment room as a way to visually entice the conversation. The packaging is fun and provokes inquiry, and the price is just right! Share its individual product benefits during treatment. Not sure as to all the benefits? Be sure to read up on AP materials so you are completely knowledgeable as to why and how our products work.

With skincare being a fundamental part of hair removal, this kit should be a fundamental part of your post treatment consultation. As professionals, we want the utmost success of our clients. They are our canvas, our word of mouth marketing, so it is imperative that they fully experience the benefit of results!

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AP® Monthly Archives: September 2016


Top 3 Sunburn Tips for a Pain-free Weekend


As the apex of heat comes to an end, summer reflection ensues. A quick scroll through your Instagram highlights your best moments filled with all the hope and joy that fills these sunshine months. The bar-b-ques and beach parties flash like an on-going theme of annual memories through your storyline. Finally, you hit an image that makes you pause…..ouch!!! That sunburn!

Along with those rose-colored memories comes the shadow of sunburn. Considering that 42.1% of men and 26.8% of women don’t ever use sunscreen, sunburn is bound to happen. How do you care for that sunburn without the finger-wagging of an ‘I told you so’? Below, we’ve listed our top 3 favorite ways to combat the burn!

3 immediate tips for the BEST in sunburn relief:

Sunburn Tip: Mud Puddle

In case you’ve missed one of our many posts on this product, sunburn treatment is one of its uses. It is also the #1 step any of us here at AP take to combat the after effects of too much sun. The thermal properties of Mud Puddle help to draw out any of the ‘heat’ from the burn, while the anti-inflammatory properties calm any and all pain associated with the sunburn.

Sunburn Tip: Aloe Ice cubes

Number one on our google search was aloe ice cubes. These little gems take no time at all to make and work in a pinch for immediate pain relief. Just take some (pure) aloe and squeeze it into an ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen you have immediate, ready to go relief at your fingertips…literally! Just rub on the affected area and let it soak in.

Sunburn Tip: ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

This one made me pause for a minute. But, according to the Wound Care Society, the properties in ACV is antiseptic, relieves pain, balances pH, reduces potential for blisters as well as softens the epidermis. Mix a 1 cup ACV with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle and spray on the affected area. Alternately, you can soak a face cloth in the mixture and apply, or put 2 cups in a tepid bath and soak for 20 minutes.

Sunburn Tips: Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!

“…The bill for hindsight is much more expensive than the receipt for foresight.”
-Johnnie Dent Jr.

While we can’t go back through our life ‘feed’ and delete a sunburn, we can take the memory of the pain and turn it into a desire for prevention. Use sunscreen daily. If sunscreen isn’t your ‘thing,’ cover up with clothing and hats if you are going to be out for an extended period of time and check UV rating for your area. Above all, stay safe!

Do you have any tried and true tips for relieving sunburns? Comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe for more info on all things skincare!

Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types

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