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AP® Monthly Archives: May 2016


Traveling Beauty Dilemmas: A Mani Emergency


Years ago, while traveling for the holidays, I had a mani emergency. I had just gotten a shellac manicure (uber chic and not yet widely done at the time) and was promised it should last up to 2 weeks. When I arrived at my destination, I immediately put my hands to good use. I played with the kids in the family, helped with holiday food preps, and overall just enjoyed my vacation. Well, 2 days in I noticed my GORGEOUS manicure was chipped! While I normally go for muted colors, this time, I figured…what the heck…let’s do something bright! And lo and behold, the bright color choice came back to bite me as I was stuck, in an extremely small town, without my manicurist and an obviously chipped nail a few days before Christmas. This was well before phone apps were the standard. Luckily my host had a similar color (enough to offset the chip nail’s obviousness), but all I could think was, “I wish there was a way to find a manicurist without going in blind.” How does one fix these traveling beauty dilemmas? 

How awesome is it that now, in 2016, there are sooo many ways to do just that! As summer begins here in the northern hemisphere, know that you never have to go in blind. Whether on vacation, moving to a new town or just want to try a new service, there is an app for that! Below are our top rated apps for finding the service of your dreams, no matter where you are!

Traveling Beauty Dilemmas Fixed with Apps!!!

Style Seat


StyleSeat is AHH-mazing! You can literally find anything and everything here from head to toe (including extensions and weaves) to get your glam on! It even includes same day services, reviews, and full treatment menus.  Available on Android and iTunes.



Currently only available in NYC, they are looking to expand nationwide. Each spa/salon is hand-picked and curated to give you the best experience possible. Available on iTunes



A great little tool to help you live life in the fast lane! They even have an extremely helpful blog if you want some beauty reads while on the go. Available for Android and iTunes.



Glamsquad is changing the game by bringing the beauty pros to YOU! Just pick a look, book your appointment and they arrive on location. Available on iTunes or book online.



Priv ups the ante by not only bringing you beauty on the go, but also bringing massage and fitness! Sadly, they are only in NY, LA, Austin and London. If you happen to be traveling to any of those cities, check them out! Available on iTunes and Google Play.

And, of course, no list would be complete without at least a mention:



Definitely one of the most common apps: you can buy gift certificates for practically everywhere. Highly customizable and has tons of reviews. Note, though, that you cannot currently book your appointment through spafinder.com. News is they are planning to release an in-app option to book. Available through both iTunes and Play Store.

Have you used any of these apps? Comment below on which was your FAVE!

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AP® Monthly Archives: May 2016


Product Highlight: Phenomen-all™ skin softening balm



As sugarists, we know that for optimal results, the client NEEDS to have adequate at-home care between treatments. It was this need that led to AP creating the Full Circle of Skin Conditioning program. One of the key components of this program is our skin softening balm, Phenomen-all™. We know from training that this wonder balm helps to prevent ingrown hairs by ‘softening’ the skin, but what else can it do?

Skin Softening Balm for Eczema

According to Alicia (a product reviewer – check out her story here), it completely helped keep her eczema flare ups at bay! Grapeseed oil and Clary oil are both known to help battle eczema by clearing rashes and reducing inflammation. They do this through their high content of linoleic acid and linalyl acetate within the oil. Jojoba is also one of the closest oils to natural sebum. This enables the eczema flare up to be highly moisturized, but not irritated.

Skin Softening Balm for Acne

The same ingredients in Phenomen-all™ that prevent eczema inflammation help to keep acne inflammation down as well. Clary sage also helps to regulate oil production on the skin.  Grapeseed oil is known for acne reduction, and jojoba is a natural anti-microbial. In addition to those ingredients, rosewood oil is an antiseptic oil, while grapefruit helps to brighten and heal acne spots. All of these characteristics combined make for one powerful skin healer.

Skin Softening Balm for Scars

The healing properties of clary, rosewood and grapefruit oils work towards toning the skin and helping it repair itself. Clary and grapefruit peel oils, being naturally astringent, tone skin and restore vitality.  

How To Use Phenomen-all™ skin softening balm In The Treatment Room

If you have a client coming in who happens to have eczema, offer up a small sampling of Phenomen-all™ so they can see first hand how awesome it is! Incorporate it into an acne facial so the client can see immediate results. If there is scar tissue present from previous acne flare-ups, or stretch marks that are of concern, offer this product as a solution. As always, keep a tube visually present. Seeing it encourages questions and offers up the opportunity to suggest at-home usage. Once they see how phenomenal their skin is, there’s no going back!

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AP® Monthly Archives: May 2016


Summer Travel: Pack for a Beautiful You!

Summer travel season is upon us. Festival season always pre-emptively gets my wheels turning about what I should pack for an amazing, but carefree vacation. R29 regularly gives me visual inspiration, so, of course, I’m on their mailing list. Along with all the Coachella favorites they spent a month posting about, they recently posted a piece about “The Snowball Method“. It was an interesting piece and got me thinking: How would I pack my beauty bag if I lived the carry-on life?

Below are my top 3 picks for travel whether by train, plane or automobile! (more…)

AP® Monthly Archives: May 2016


Making the most of your Mother’s Day


For most people in the spa industry, Mother’s Day is the busiest time of year second only to December. By this time, you’ve already been promoting specials for a couple of months, hopefully, been booked up thru the next couple of weeks, and have sold an immeasurable amount of gift cards. By this time, you have probably also worked multiple 16 hour days, had maybe only 1 day off and have heard every heart wrenching, heart breaking and heart mending story known to motherhood around. While this particular holiday may bring a substantial boom to your business, it can also be emotionally or physically taxing. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of this holiday as an aesthetician.

Mother’s Day tips for the Industry Insider

For the Mother

I know as a mom, all I want for Mother’s Day is some zen. It’s hard to feel that when your day is soo stretched. So, a nice, relaxing Salt Bath to de-stress usually does the trick. I like to pair my bath with a some Cab Sav and anything from Dermascope, but anything you find enjoyable works well. Often times playing therapist with an open ear during treatments, while extremely rewarding, can drain as well. Sneaking in a little kiss to the kiddos before I go to bed and staring at their angelic, sleeping, faces reminds me that it is a nurturing job we do, both as mother and professional, and my zen starts to slowly return.

For the Daughter/Son

Sometimes the spa schedule can get so hectic, we are at a loss of what to do! It’s easy to dole out a spa cert to our mother. Or, cop a treatment. Many times, though, our mother’s want time! And while it may be hard to get away for a day during the busy season It’s well worth the effort. Below are some low key ways to get that time in with mom!

  1. If you can squeeze in a lunch break, take her to a unique bistro and try something new together.
  2. Fill a mason jar with places that she loves written on craft paper and on the gift tag schedule dates with her for the next couple of months. Each date day she gets to pull a location out of the jar!
  3. If she isn’t a techy, spend an afternoon showing her how to follow you on IG, or how to call Google Chat for video chatting. That way she can always feel connected to your life.
  4. Create a tradition to celebrate Mother’s day a week early.

For the Father

Help mom get the most out of her Mother’s Day, even if you are putting a ton of hours in at the salon! Is she an avid runner? Set aside time this week to let her run CHILD-FREE! Bonus: get her some new kicks and a Pebble. Does she love to read every imaginable article known to man? Download Pocket to her favorite device and give her a day at her favorite bistro, park or beach to catch up on all her reading! Basically, find her most treasured hobby that she might not have a ton of time for and see how you can support her in that hobby. This small gesture goes a really long way to show your gratitude for her making you a dad!

For the Childless

Sometimes this season can be one GIANT trigger warning if you are struggling with infertility or experienced child loss. Make sure to support yourself emotionally. Many moms come into the treatment room with their stories of joy or heartache. Finding support groups or a loving ear can help you decompress after a triggering day. Keep mantras in your pocket to be reminders between treatments that help you through emotional roadblocks. Or, try to find peace by volunteering with groups that support mothers.

However you decide to celebrate this weekend, we here at Alexandria Professional® want to say thank you to all of you who nurture in your industry, your home and beyond! Have a happy Mother’s Day.

AP® Monthly Archives: May 2016


Product Highlight: CC’me®


For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Summer is practically upon us! This is the bread and butter season for any hair removal expert. Of course, many people book for a full leg, or bikini, or underarm. But, what about those add-on services? Like an upper lip or eyebrow? What is one of the biggest reasons for a client not wanting one of these in the moment?

From my experience, it’s still having a day ahead of them and not wanting the redness to accompany them on that day! What is your answer for that? Well, if you are already using CC’me®, the answer is easy. 15 minutes pre-service, immediately post service, and they are good to go!

For those not familiar with CC’me®, here is a breakdown on the who’s, what’s, and why’s. Below is the official description of it.

“CC’me® is a pure and all natural blend of nature’s best that will calm and cool your skin before and after removing your hair. Safe and effective for all skin types and all hair removal methods.”

But, what does all that mean?

Its proprietary blend of Carapa and Calotropis Procera are known throughout the tropics and the African continent to relieve inflammation as well as aid in preventing infection. Soybean oil and Shea Butter immediately work towards rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin, while the menthol calms any heat they might experience after hair removal.

But, why would I use it BEFORE treatment?

The same ingredients that work together to calm it down after, also work together to prevent any of that discomfort or redness from the get go! When applied up to 15 minutes prior, the ingredients are already doing their job before the treatment even begins, thus preventing discomfort during the treatment. This is an amazing concept that truly helps to turn that first time, possibly squeamish or sensitive client into a returning guest!

But, who is this for?

CC’me® is for EVERY CLIENT WHO REMOVES HAIR! Literally. Think outside the box to that client who just has no desire to sugar: they love their trusty razor and use it religiously no matter how much you share the benefits of sugaring. As sugarist, we know that shaving increases your chances of ingrowns and infection compared to sugaring. There’s always the possibility of razor burn as well. CC’me® works amazingly at calming that razor burn, keeping the skin soft and supple to help prevent ingrowns, and moisturizing the area. For the client that is DEDICATED to their waxer: this has the same effect and no contraindications.

Then, there is laser hair removal and electrolysis. CC’me® is perfect for at home treatment between sessions, as well as 15 minutes prior and directly after. Between sessions, it helps keep any post-session discomfort at bay (which sometimes stays tender for a couple of days) as well as protects the skin from dry irritation.

How do I get the conversation started?

With it being summer, it’s a natural dialogue: most people deal with some form of hair removal. If the client is already there to see you for hair removal, and you sense any anxiety from them, give a product test of this before treatment. Let them experience it first hand! If it is an add-on service and they are concerned about being red the rest of the day, offer this up as a solution. Keep it in your treatment room, or your station and always have it available, and visually inviting.

Love hearing about all of our AMAZING products? Follow us on Facebook for updates on product highlights and much more! Love CC’me®? Keep an eye out for this month’s promo flyer and learn how to get your hands on a FREE CC’me®. Not receiving your flyer? Please e-mail apabuffalo@alexandriapro.com.


AP® Monthly Archives: May 2016


Sweet Talk Around the Sugar Pot: Organic vs Natural


Hey everyone,  this month’s Sweet Talk question is:

“There’s a lot of hype going around about organic vs non-organic. I’m having a hard time understanding what the problem is. Can you shed some light on this issue?” 

In this episode of Sweet Talk, we’re discussing the importance of researching ingredients and where to find more information. We have two very special guests that joined us.

First is Denis Grenier, who has an amazing testimonial on how Alexandria Professional’s natural products helped with his pain from a car accident and got him off his meds. His story is truly remarkable and one that many people should hear.

Next up is one of Alexandria Professional’s educators, Janine White. Janine is an ingredient specialist who wants to share her knowledge and help others. She will be addressing the question of what makes ingredients natural or organic.

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Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types

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