A spoonful of sugar

By Lina Kennedy

lina sugar
Advanced sugaring is a great alternative to other hair removal techniques because it will effectively extract all hair types and textures from all skin types and textures. This is clearly and simply achieved through Alexandria Professional’s unique technique. Other than eyelashes and inner ears, there are no body parts that have not been successfully sugared from head to toe. Whether it was medically requested or aesthetically desired. This being said, sugaring is achieved without harmful side effects.


Advanced Sugaring

Professional sugaring treatments are for refining, reducing and eliminating hair growth. There is no sticky residue, even before post-treatment steps. The aesthetician performs the hair removal treatment by massaging a soft, lukewarm velvety sugar paste on to the skin using one hand. This type of application allows the sugar paste to coat all of the hair while it also seeps down into the follicles and coats the hair on the inside of the follicles. The hair is then eased out of the skin with a quick “flicking” action. Lubricating the hair with a sugar paste helps the hair ease out of the skin (follicle) and eliminates relatively all discomfort.


Permanent Reduction

The best thing about sugaring is that it will lead to permanent reduction in hair. Removing a hair when it is very short (1/16th” or less) is important because the best time to remove a hair is when it is in the anagen stage (growing period). This is when the hair shaft is exposed at its shortest length. And, of course, is then at its “deepest” distance in the hair root within the follicle. Continual extraction of hair in this period will deplete the follicle to the point of “no more growth.” You will first notice hair becoming finer and sporadic in growth, even after the first or second treatment. Each treatment will then bring you closer to the goal of ridding the hair.


Prevents Formation of Ingrown Hair

The advanced sugaring technique removes the hair in its natural direction of growth, thus greatly reducing or even eliminating the possibility of ingrown hairs from developing. Again, this is primarily because the hair is extracted in the natural direction of growth, and the sugar paste is deeply penetrating into the follicles.


Gentle Exfoliation

Use it as a very safe and gentle way to exfoliate the skin and rejuvenate its appearance on all parts of the body including the delicate facial skin tissue, regardless of age, skin color and hair texture. Even if someone has no hair growth to speak of, regular sugaring treatments will lift out the dirt and dead cells that fall into the pores. This will change the appearance of dry sallow skin into vibrant, soft and silky skin. Even women with varicose veins, dry itch eczema or diabetes can get regular sugaring treatments.

*Originally published in the August, 2005 issue of Pulse